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Charles Morin nommé officier de l'Ordre national du Québec

Félicitations à Charles Morin, qui sera admis officier à l'Ordre national du Québec le 20 juin prochain.  Le premier ministre du Québec, M. François Legault, est fier d’annoncer que 35 personnes seront honorées, cette année, de l’un des trois grades de l’Ordre national du Québec. Les récipiendaires seront décorés le jeudi 20 juin, lors d’une cérémonie qui se déroulera à la salle du Conseil législatif de l’hôtel du Parlement, à 14 h.

Lisez la citation du Dr. Morin:

Benoit Gosselin receives the Génie innovation 2019 prize from the Order of Engineer of Quebec

Professor and Engineer Benoit Gosselin from Université Laval and his team won the Prix Génie Innovation 2019 from the Order of Engineers of Quebec for the invention of a miniature device to study the brain of freely behaving subjects using optogenetic and electrophysiology, two leading experimental methods in neuroscience. 

The Génie innovation prize aims to encourage innovation linked to engineering by recognizing merit based on both results obtained and efforts made. 

New hope to slow down Lou Gehrig's disease - Jean-Pierre Julien's research featured on Quebec's Chief Scientist website

Read an article about research by Jean-Pierre Julien on Québec's Chief Scientist website:

It was found that 98% of ALS patients have aggregated TDP-43 protein in their cytoplasm—the substance that surrounds the nuclei of their nerve cells. These aggregates are responsible for the sufferer’s loss of function over time. The researchers relied on a virus to carry tiny synthesized antibodies into the cells to erode the protein. As a result, the cognitive and motor function of the mice improved.

The 2019 Summer Neurophotonics Institute at CERVO

The activities of the 2019 Summer Neurophotonics Institute of the CERVO research center will begin shortly.
What is the Summer Neurophotonics Institute? It is an opportunity to attend, on Tuesdays at noon, tutorials about research that is done at the CERVO center. These tutorials will help you understand the basics of brain research and facilitate discussions with other students in the summer session.



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