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A new machine learning approach to improve imaging of brain cells

Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal

A research team including many researchers from the CERVO Brain Research Centre and Université Laval just published a new machine learning approach to optimize super-resolution microscopy images.  The researchers published this important innovation in the prestigious journal Nature Communications, and made the tool available online for the scientific community by publishing their code. 

New insight into the development of Multiple Sclerosis

Read a recent article in Le Fil on the work of Majid Ghareghani, who recently joined Armen Saghatelyan's team as a PhD student at the CERVO brain research center

Majid Ghareghani is first author of an article recently published in Frontiers in Immunology which proposes a new hypothesis to explain the cascade of events leading to multiple sclerosis. 

Read the article in Le Fil: Une nouvelle piste pour la sclérose en plaques


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