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Navigate, the first summer interns day organized by CERVOLET!

Hi all,

We are pleased to invite you to Navigate, the first summer interns day organized by CERVOLET! During this day we would like to wish farewell to all our interns that have been in CERVO for the past few months.  The goal is to introduce many of the diverse neuroscience research topics studied within CERVO to the interns, so that they can better choose their topic if they return in the future.

Congratulations to Laura Monetta

Laura Monetta

Congratulations to Laura Monetta who received, on May 11th, the recognition award from the Provincial Network on Adaptation-Readaptation Research.  This prize recognizes her exceptional contribution to the development of research in adaptation-readaptation and social integration, to the Réseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaptation-Réadaptation (REPAR) and her stellar career. 



Mohamed Bahdine wins 1st prize in NSERC's «Science, Action!» video contest

Mohamed Bahdine

Congratulations to Mohamed Bahdine, who won first prize in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Science, Action! video contest.  This award, worth $3500, recognizes the best video putting science and engineering in the spotlight to show Canadians how research is improving their lives.

In the video, Mohamed Bahdine, from Simon Hardy's laboratory, explains how he uses microscopy and artificial intelligence to develop virtual brain models that can lead to a better understanding of this complex organ.  

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An ode to mitochondria biologists, new and old., Pellegrini, Luca, and Scorrano Luca , Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2018 May 27, Volume 500, Issue 1, p.1, (2018)

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