The CERVO Research Center, one of Canada's leading neuroscience and mental health centers, focuses on the root causes of brain diseases. It brings together some sixty researchers in charge of research teams with more than 400 people, offering multidisciplinary expertise, ranging from membrane biophysics to social intervention, and the psychology of cognition.


The CERVO Research Center is devoted exclusively to the study of neurosciences and mental health. Its mission is to advance knowledge about the causes and treatment of neurological and psychiatric illnesses by developing new technologies and methodologies to unravel the mysteries of the brain and by continuously linking basic and clinical research.

Scientific Approach

Our researchers contribute to the advancement of brain science and the acceleration of knowledge transfer to the patient through the development and deployment of new technologies that enable measurement and intervention at the most basic levels in the cells and microcircuits of the brain in a non-invasive manner and with the greatest possible accuracy. These technologies include new techniques for brain imaging, optogenetics, ribo-tag transcriptome analysis, gene therapy and immunotherapy.

The scientific program of the Research Center revolves around three major research axes working in synergy and using innovative approaches:

  1. The Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience axis focuses on the molecular aspects of neuronal communication, implicated in sensations, memory, learning and diseases of the nervous system;
  2. The Integrative Neurosciences and Experimental Therapies axis focuses on the anatomical and functional organization of various complex neural systems using preclinical models in order to elucidate the physiopathological basis of psychiatric and neurological diseases and to develop innovative therapies ;
  3. The Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience axis focuses on the genetic, epidemiological, cognitive and neuropharmacological aspects of neurological and psychiatric diseases.


The CERVO centre tackles the root causes of brain diseases, whether neurological or psychiatric, because they all share many common mechanisms. It is distinguished by high-caliber scientific activity and technological development efforts in the service of science and health, thus maintaining hope for our patients and contributing significantly to destigmatizing mental illness, to the greatest benefit of patients.

Funding / Support / Partners

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