ADHD: "clinically significant" parental stress for many

Le Devoir publishes an interview with Dr. Nancie Rouleau about a recent study by a team she is part of on the stress of parents with an ADHD child 

ADHD: "clinically significant" parental stress for many

Eighty percent of parents with at least one child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) experience a "clinically significant" level of parental stress, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Laval University.

Parental stress represents the gap between the demands and expectations that parents must meet in their role as parents and the capacities that they feel they have in order to meet these demands.

"If we compare our parents' average with that of the expected standards, there is a very large significant difference. Their parental stress is much more pronounced. They are very different statistically," revealed the co-lead of the study, Dr. Nancie Rouleau of the MANDALAB laboratory, exclusively to The Canadian Press.

Read the full article in Le Devoir (in French)

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