Biostatistics Platform

Normal distribution

Director: Chantal Mérette

Since 1994, six professional statisticians (MSc) trained to execute specialized analyses in genetic statistics work in the Biostatistics platform.  They have developed, for example, methods to analyse the phenotypic heterogeneity adapted to large families. The platform offers methodological support to the researcher of the Centre, to psychiatry residents during their training, and to external collaborators.   

A grant from Innovation Canada (to Chantal Mérette and Alexandre Bureau) and  a collaboration with IBIS (Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes), has allowed the platform to develop an Integrative Database in Psychiatric Genetics  (Base de Données Intégratives en Génétique Psychiatrique - BIGP) which integrates in a single module research on genetic causes, identification of biomarkers of psychiatric disease, longitudinal tracking of at-risk children, and environmental factors that can interact with genes.   The BIGP offers great potential to study the underlying mechanisms involved in complex genetic diseases.  

Funding / Support / Partners

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