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The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform is a technology platform that drives development and maximizes exploitation of leading-edge photonics technologies for the study, diagnostics and treatment of brain diseases.

It was launched by funds of 3,3M$ from the Canadian Brain Research Fund (through Brain Canada).  The project aims to develop, test and promote new neurophotonics tools putting the power of optics and photonics to the service of neuroscience and brain research.

Three main facilities are at the heart of the collaboration:

  1. The Neurophotonics Centre (IUSMQ/Université Laval),
  2. a protein optogenetic engineering facility (University of Alberta) and a
  3. Viral Vectors facility (IUSMQ/Université Laval).

The Universities of British Columbia, of Calgary, of Alberta, of Ottawa, McGill University, Dalhousie University and Université Laval test the various technologies developed by the national platform on in vivo models.

Learn more about the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform here:


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