Caroline Ménard wins the 2024 CAN New Investigator Award for groundbreaking research on stress vulnerability and resilience.

Caroline Ménard

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is very proud to announce that Dr. Caroline Ménard from Université Laval is the winner of the 2024 CAN New Investigator Award. Her innovative research program is shedding light on the biological mechanisms underlying vulnerability and resilience to stress, with the help of state-of-the-art photonic technology and with the aim of developing pioneer strategies to treat or prevent depression.

Dr. Ménard joined Université Laval and the CERVO Brain Research Center in 2018 and has established herself as a leader in the field and community. Her research program is characterized by its originality, as it focuses on the effects of stress exposure on the blood-brain barrier, but also on the immune system, the gut barrier and its microbiome. Her work has not only identified unforeseen risk mechanisms for mood and stress-related disorders but also introduced measurable biomarkers of mental illnesses, a critical step towards detection of disease vulnerability and monitoring responses to treatment. These discoveries represent a paradigm shift in psychiatry, which to date almost entirely rely on diagnostics based on patient reports to health care workers. 

Read the full announcement on the Canadian Association for Neuroscience website

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