Cell Sorting Platform

Exemple de neurones du faisceau spinothalamique exprimant la GFP après transduction à l’aide d’un vecteur adenoviral pouvant être trié par FACS (photos: Karine Bachand)

Cell Sorting Platform Team

Scientific Advisor : Yves De Koninck, PhD
Coordination and instrument operation: Isabelle Labonté, PhD

Physical and optical properties used to sort neurons

The IUSMQ Cell Sorting Platform is highly specialized in analysis and sorting of neurons and cells isolated from the nervous system. Various cell sub-populations may be individually studied upon their physical properties (size and granularity) as well as their optical properties (fluorescent staining or expression). We use a cell sorter from BD Biosciences (FACS Aria II) capable of detecting 12 simultaneous parameters including 10 different fluorochromes. In addition of the instrument operation, we offer a consulting service for the :

  • protocol development related to the cell dissociation step
  • sample immunostaining
  • choice of fluorochromes
  • cell sorting
  • data analysis (2 available softwares : DiVA and FlowJo)
  • preparation of figures for scientific articles or grants


If you have any questions, including sample preparation, or if you want to make a reservation for the instrument, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at Isabelle.Labonte@crulrg.ulaval.ca or by phone at the 418 663-5321 ex6895.


For more information on the platform, services and applications and the applicable fees, visit the Neurophotonics Centre website: 



Funding / Support / Partners

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