The Center for Studies on Sleep Disorders (CETS)


2601 de la Canardière
Québec, QC
G1J 2G3

Phone : 663-5000 extension 6848


The Laboratory Mission Statement

The research center on sleep disorders is interested in insomnia and other sleep disorders associated with certain forms of psychopathologies such as anxiety and mood disorders associated with aging. The program (conducted jointly by the research centre and the School of Psychology at Laval University) incorporates three aspects: epidemiology, fundamental research and intervention.


A longitudinal study, with a cohort of 1000 adult subjects, is now under way in order to evaluate the prevalence of insomnia, the risk and comorbidity factors involved, and to determine factors for taking medication or other actions.

Fundamental research

This part of the research program involves neuropsychological, electrophysiological and immunologic aspects of insomnia and aims to:

  • Determine the nature of the consequences of insomnia
  • Identify, through the help of technologies such as spectral analysis, the elements of the micro-structure of EEG sleep, which distinguishes insomniacs from good sleepers (Célyne Bastien).


This part of the program is devoted to the development and evaluation of psychological and pharmacological treatments of primary insomnia and of secondary insomnia linked to physical disorders (pain, cancer, head injury) or psychological (anxiety, depression). The research team is working on the final touches of intervention models that are efficient, useful and transferable to clinical practice. Our program is funded since 15 years by provincial and federal agencies as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Physical Description of the Laboratories

Three rooms laid out like hotel rooms and equipped with polysomnographic recording devices

  • Grass Amplifier
  • Harmonie de Stellat codification software

The Researchers

The Center for Studies in Sleep Disorders is not a treatment clinic. To treat sleep disorders, the following contact information for private clinics is provided:

Name Adress & Phone Specializations
France C. Blais, M. Ps. Clinique Médicale Valcartier (Valcartier Medical Clinic)
190, Dubé, Courcelette
(418) 261-1412 (cellular)
Véronique Mimeault, M. Ps. Counselling Service at Laval University (for students)
(418) 656-7987
Sébastien Simard, M.Ps. Centre de recherche en psycho-oncologie (Psycho-oncology RC)
(418) 525-4444, poste 5284
Josée Rhéaume Clinique Médicale
Domaine des Sœurs
4485, Promenade des Sœurs
(418) 652-0030
Stress management
Panic, agoraphobia
Clinique d'apnée Hôpital Laval (Laval Hospital) (418) 656-4800
Claudine Godbout
Sonia Jacques
Clinique en psychothérapie (Psychotherapy Clinic)
(418) 653-2920
Éliane Léger Clinique de traitement de l'anxiété (Anxiety treatment Clinic)
(418) 683-2303
Dr Jacques Montplaisir Clinique du sommeil (Sleep Clinic)
Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur
5400 Boul Gouin Ouest, Montréal.
(514) 338-2222, poste 2524

Book :

Vaincre les ennemis du sommeil, par Charles M. Morin, Ph.D (Book Title: Conquer the enemies of Sleep)

Funding / Support / Partners

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