Christian Éthier

Christian Éthier,

Associate Professor, Département de psychiatrie et de neurosciences, Faculté de médecine
Université Laval

Design of brain-computer interfaces to understand and stimulate neuronal activity leading to the formation of new neuronal connections.

Dr. Christian Éthier studies how neuronal activity, the passage of an electrochemical current between neurons, leads to the formation or strengthening of connections between these neurons. This phenomenon, known as neuronal plasticity, is essential to the process of learning or repairing neural circuits following injury or stroke damage.

Dr. Ethier's team aims to find ways to guide neural reorganization, through electrical or optical stimulation (with light), and help people who have suffered damage to the nervous system.

Neuroprostheses for the rehabilitation of paralyzed patients.

At the interface between engineering and neuroscience, Dr. Ethier's research has led to the development of neuroprosthetics, tested in monkeys, that read the activity of the brain's cortex and convert these readings into electrical signals transmitted to the hands to make them move. This type of neuroprosthesis may one day allow people paralyzed by a spinal cord injury to use their hands in a near-normal way.

Our primary objective is to study the rules governing activity-dependent plasticity in vivo. We evaluate how connections between neurons can be modulated at the structural level, by combining neural activity associated with voluntary effort to action potentials elicited by electrical or optical stimulation.

We design neuroelectronic and optogenetic interfaces to create an artificial bridge between neuronal structures, and promote associative plasticity in the cortical and spinal motor networks.

Ultimately, our research could lead to the design of new medical devices, with the potential to guide neural reorganization and promote motor recovery after neurological lesions, such as strokes and spinal cord injuries.

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Neuroelectronic Interfaces
Cortical Lesions
Spinal Cord Injuries
Motor Recovery
Neuronal Plasticity


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