Chronophotonix receives funding from the Fonds Innovexport

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The Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for Numeric Strategy, Ms. Dominique Anglade, and the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister of the Quebec city region, Mr. François Blais, announced today the first companies that will be supported by the Fonds InnovExport, and Chronophotonix, a company founded and co-directed by Marc Hébert, professor at Université Laval and researcher at the CERVO Brain Research Centre, is one of the ten first companies to received funding from Fonds Innovexport.


Chronophotonix, fonded in 2009, develops and commercializes custom solutions for night workers in a wide range of industries.  Its founder, Marc Hébert, is a chronobiology and circadian rhythms expert whose research has led to important advances in our understanding of the human biological clock and the ways to synchronize it in shift workers by using light therapy.  His studies have led to the development of novel technologies such as BlueWake, which uses light pulses to promote wakefulness in night drivers, thereby increasing safety of these workers.  

Based in Quebec city, the  Fonds InnovExport supports seeding and start-ups of innovative businesses for international markets to shape the future of Quebec. Learn more about this fund on their website:

Learn more about this announcement:

In a Press release by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (in French):  communiqué de presse du Ministère de l'Économie, de la science et de l'innovation du Québec: Québec est fier de participer à l’annonce des dix premiers investissements du Fonds InnovExport

In an article in Le Soleil newspaper: Fonds InnovExport: 4,35 M$ pour 10 entreprises québécoises


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