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The CERVO Brain Research Centre hosts many scientific events and conferences throughout the year.  View our calendar for upcoming events.

Upcoming events

2018-04-25 12:00CERVO Research CentreF-1455

Keith Nuechterlein

Achieving functional and cognitive recovery in schizophrenia: Impact of integrated approaches in the early phases of the disease.
2018-04-27 11:00CERVO Research CentreF-1455

Marie-Claude Audet

The microbiota-gut-brain axis and stress-related disorders
2018-05-10 13:30CERVO Research CentreF-1455

Luis Garcia-Larrea

Construction de la douleur : de la nociception à la compassion
2018-05-17 09:00CERVO Research CentreF-1455

Sébastien Hétu & Vincent Taschereau-Dumouchel

Atelier pratique d’introduction à l’analyse des données en imagerie par résonance magnétique fonctionnelle
2018-05-25 11:00CERVO Research CentreF-1455

Theodore Price

Translation regulation dysfunction in neuropathic pain from mice to humans

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