Cortical and thalamic components of neocortical kindling-induced epileptogenesis in behaving cats.

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Journal Article


Exp Neurol, Volume 211, Issue 2, p.518-28 (2008)


Action Potentials, Animals, Behavior, Animal, Cats, Cerebral Cortex, Electroencephalography, Epilepsy, Female, Kindling, Neurologic, Male, Neocortex, Nerve Net, Neural Pathways, Thalamus


<p>Kindling is an essential operating paradigm of the nervous system extensively used both as a model of epileptogenesis and neuroplasticity. In a parallel study conducted on chronically implanted non-anesthetized kindled cats, we report the occurrence of long-lasting slow oscillatory patterns (1.5-2 Hz) called outlasting activities (OA) following the acute seizures (AS) induced by cortical stimulation. Here, we asked if OA observed in the neocortex of kindled animals are generated exclusively by the cortical networks or if they also rely on the burst firing of thalamic neurons. We analyzed the electrophysiological patterns of synchronization of cortical EEG (areas 4, 5, 7, 21, 17, 18, 22) and thalamic field (EThG) (ventral posterior lateral nucleus-VPL), and the influence of modulatory systems originating in the pedunculo-pontine tegmentum (PPT) and locus coeruleus (LC) on the discharge pattern of thalamic neurons during OA. Synchrony analysis of field recordings showed that during AS cortical paroxysmal activities preceded thalamic ones, while during OA this sequential order was reversed. During OA thalamic neurons regularly discharged bursts with the frequency of OA. Electrical stimulation of either PPT or LC during OA decreased both the probability of bursts in thalamocortical neurons and the amplitude of OA. Yet, neither of them was able to block completely the expression of OA. Following PPT/LC stimulation the burst firing of thalamocortical neurons was replaced by tonic firing. We conclude that the thalamus is involved in the mechanism of generation of OA but that it does not play an exclusive role.</p>

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