Development and Validation of the Treatment Attrition-Retention Scale for Personality Disorders.

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Journal Article


J Pers Disord, Volume 31, Issue 6, p.753-773 (2017)


<p>This study is an investigation of the psychometric properties of the Treatment Attrition-Retention Scale for Personality Disorders (TARS-PD), an instrument developed to identify patients with personality disorder (PD) at risk of early dropout from psychotherapy. In a first study, assessment files from 320 patients referred for PD evaluation at an outpatient clinic were examined to assess the instrument's inter-rater reliability, construct validity, and discriminant validity. Results showed that the global scale could be scored with excellent reliability. Exploratory factor analysis identified five factors: Narcissism, Psychopathy, Secondary gains, Low motivation, and Cluster A features. A second study focused on the scale's predictive validity. The TARS-PD showed high specificity (94%) in identifying dropouts, using a cut-off of ≥ 10. Both global and factor scores from the TARS-PD were significant predictors of treatment status (dropout vs. continuation) at 6 months. The scale should be considered promising for PD evaluation and treatment planning.</p>

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