Dr. Michel Maziade among 8 high-impact Canadian researchers in CIHR analysis

Professeur Maziade avec des enfants

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) released its latest evaluation report of the Operating Support Program in November 2023. The objective of the evaluation was to provide CIHR senior management with actionable and valid conclusions about the performance of the Open Operating Grants Program (OOGP) and its successor programs, the Foundation and Project programs.

From a pool of 3,304 OOGP-funded researchers in all areas of health research, 8 grants with high impact potential were selected for a case study to understand how CIHR research grants can lead to sustainable, tangible and meaningful results.  Michel Maziade's grant was considered an exemplary case that led to a high number of outcomes in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences' (2009) five impact categories: 1) advancement of knowledge; 2) strengthening of infrastructure; 3) support for informed decision-making; 4) impact on health; and 5) socio-economic impact. The multiple performance indicators taken into account included measures of the quality and volume of research carried out, students supervised, and openness to other researchers, among others, which were obtained via end-of-grant data and reports. The case study included interviews with Michel Maziade as well as with other researchers, knowledge users and students involved in his research, in order to better understand the results of this grant and its wider research program, as well as the success factors for achieving longer-term impacts.

The Maziade case study concludes that "This long-term research program [...] has achieved significant results in all areas of the CAHS framework. It has considerably advanced knowledge of the genetic and neurodevelopmental factors involved in the major psychiatric illnesses... with the possibility of generalizing to entire populations of children and adults. ... In short, this research program, to which CIHR has made the most significant financial contributions over time, is truly an example of scientific success at every level."

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