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Michel Maziade

This year, the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Québec named the founder of our research center, Dr. Michel Maziade, as a Grand Québécois in the health sector, underscoring the exceptional merit of people who have distinguished themselves brilliantly throughout their careers and who contribute to the dynamism of our region.

We invite you to listen to a special report (in French) on ICI Radio-Canada sur TOU.TV : https://ici.tou.tv/les-grands-quebecois-2020/S01E01

Congratulations, Dr. Maziade, for your career and accomplishments, on behalf of the CERVO Centre.

Read the award citation here: Les 3 Grands Québécois CCIQ 2020

« Recognized as one of the pioneers of psychiatric genetics in Canada, a world-renowned authority, a sought-after speaker, Dr. Maziade, researcher, builder and visionary, is above all fundamentally a humanist whose most ardent desire was to treat and improve people's health, to eliminate mental illness and its immense range of suffering for affected individuals, their families and loved ones.. »


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