FreeSurfer subcortical normative data.

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Journal Article


Data Brief, Volume 9, p.732-736 (2016)


<p>This article contains a spreadsheet computing estimates of the expected subcortical regional volumes of an individual based on its characteristics and the scanner characteristics, in addition to supplementary results related to the article "Normative data for subcortical regional volumes over the lifetime of the adult human brain" (O. Potvin, A. Mouiha, L. Dieumegarde, S. Duchesne, 2016) [1] on normative data for subcortical volumes. Data used to produce normative values was obtained by anatomical magnetic resonance imaging from 2790 healthy individuals aged 18-94 years using 23 samples provided by 21 independent research groups. The segmentation was conducted using FreeSurfer. The spreadsheet includes formulas in order to compute for a new individual, significance test for volume abnormality, effect size and estimated percentage of the normative population with a smaller volume while taking into account age, sex, estimated intracranial volume (eTIV), and scanner characteristics. Detailed R-squares of each predictor for all formula are also reported as well as the difference of subcortical volumes segmented by FreeSurfer on two different computer hardware setups.</p>

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