Gabriel Bossé

Gabriel Bossé,

Assistant Professor, Département de psychiatrie et de neurosciences, Faculté de médecine
Université Laval

Zebrafish is an unique model in neuroscience; key neurological pathways are well conserved and we can used genetics and pharmacological tools to investigate brain functions. This model is also suitable for large-scale approaches and drug discovery efforts. We are using a range of techniques from behavioural platforms, imaging, genetic tools (transgenic lines, CRISPR-Cas9) and pharmacological tools. Our main research interest are: 

Neurobiology of opioid addiction 
We are using a unique opioid self-administration assay to study the molecular pathways involved in drug seeking behaviour.  
Impact of neurosteroids on behaviour 
Using large scale approaches we are interested in studying the neurological impact of unique neurosteroids.  
Long-term consequences of neonatal opioid exposure 
We are generating a new zebrafish model to study the behavioural and molecular impact of embryonic opioid exposure 

Our group is using zebrafish to study the biological mechanisms involved in controlling behaviour, focusing on opioid addiction.

Using a novel self-administration assay, we are studying the role of neurosteroids in opioid intake and using a combination of pharmacology, genetics, and imaging methods to identify novel biological pathways involves in drug addiction.

We are also developing a new model to study the biological and behavioural consequences of neonatal opioid exposure in zebrafish.

Our behaviour-based platform is also used to perform small molecule screening to identify novel neuroactive molecules. The compounds uncovered and their cellular targets have the potential to uncover novel pathways and therapeutic approaches, as I have already shown with finasteride.

Manuscrits revus et publiés 

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