Influence of shot noise on phase measurement accuracy in digital holographic microscopy.

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Journal Article


Opt Express, Volume 15, Issue 14, p.8818-31 (2007)


<p>Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) is a single shot interferometric technique, which provides quantitative phase images with subwavelength axial accuracy. A short hologram acquisition time (down to microseconds), allows DHM to offer a reduced sensitivity to vibrations, and real time observation is achievable thanks to present performances of personal computers and charge coupled devices (CCDs). Fast dynamic imaging at low-light level involves few photons, requiring proper camera settings (integration time and gain of the CCD; power of the light source) to minimize the influence of shot noise on the hologram when the highest phase accuracy is aimed. With simulated and experimental data, a systematic analysis of the fundamental shot noise influence on phase accuracy in DHM is presented.</p>

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