Integrative Neuroscience and Experimental Therapies

Axis Director: Martin Lévesque - Axis Deputy Director: Jasna Kriz

The researchers of this axis study the anatomical and functional organisation of different complex neuronal systems using preclinical models.  They aim to understand the physiopathological bases of psychiatric and neurological diseases and to develop novel therapies. 

They use multidisciplinary approaches to 

  1. characterize the anatomical and functional organisation of different complex neuronal systems
  2. study the physiopathological bases of neurological and psychiatric diseases using cellular, animal and computational models
  3. develop novel therapies based on immunotherapy, gene therapy and pharmacological approaches.

The axis occupies a strategic position in the scientific program of the research centre as it is at the interface between the Clinical and cognitive neurosciences axis, whose work targets the genetic, epidemiological, cognitive and neuropharmacological aspects of mental illness, and the Cellular and molecular neurosciences axis, whose activities target molecular aspects and technological advancement.  


The researchers of the axis work in the following three themes:

  1. Brain microcircuitry: structure and function
  2. Neurobiology of psychiatric and neurological diseases, and
  3. Preclinical models and therapeutic innovation

The work of the researchers in this axis have led to the establishment of clinical trials, including clinical tests in humans following work on cochlear pharmacology and a clinical trial project with extract of a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory properties (Withania somnifera).

Finally, the human brain bank, established in 1996, is used by many researchers at the centre and elsewhere, and constitutes an important interface between clinical and basic scientists. 

Researchers of the Integrative Neuroscience and Experimental Therapies Axis

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