Isolation and analysis of fractions enriched in WrappER-associated mitochondria from mouse liver.

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Journal Article


STAR Protoc, Volume 2, Issue 3, p.100752 (2021)


<p>The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) plays a central role in lipid homeostasis, but the role of individual ER subdomains in lipid biology has not been elucidated. WrappER is a curved wrapping type of rough-ER that establishes extensive contacts with almost every mitochondria of the hepatocyte in the mouse liver. Here, we describe a protocol for isolation of fractions enriched in wrappER-associated mitochondria from the mouse liver. We also provide techniques for assessing its quality by electron microscopy and biochemical/proteomic analysis. For complete information on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Anastasia et&nbsp;al. (2021).</p>

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