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Katalin Toth,

Full Professor, Université Laval

Dr. Katalin Toth's research has contributed to our understanding of the cellular mechanisms essential to memory, learning and spatial navigation. Her studies focus on specific neurons of a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which play an important role in signal transmission between neurons, and the reorganization of the neural networks that underlie learning.

Dr. Toth’s work has demonstrated that a neuron can respond to different stimulations in a highly regulated manner, and transmit a distinct chemical signal depending on the stimulation received. This discovery helps to better understand the very dynamic processes that are the basis of communication between neurons.

Dr. Toth's team helped identify some of the key players in the communication between neurons, and the reorganization of the neural networks needed for learning.

-Basic principles of neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity
-Functional significance of a diverse vesicle pool
-Correlation between synaptic plasticity and exploratory behaviour


Cellular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the hippocampus

Katalin Toth



2601 chemin de la Canardiere,
Quebec City, Quebec, G1J 2G3


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