Launch of the Research Chair in Brain Health and Economics: welcome to Maripier Isabelle

Maripier Isabelle

The Research Chair in Brain Health and Economics aims to enrich our understanding of the interactions between growth in wealth and income inequalities and health trajectories, with a focus on brain health. As chairholder, Professor Maripier Isabelle will analyze the impact of growing inequalities on the dynamics of health systems, and the effectiveness of the various policies and reforms that can be put forward. The research will focus on identifying the causal links behind these interactions, to help policy makers in their task of ensuring the sustainability of health systems and public finances, while supporting communities to develop their resilience capacity while their physical and social environment is undergoing profound and rapid transformations.

Supported by Sentinel North, the CERVO Foundation, the CIUSSS de la Capitale Nationale and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Laval University, the Research Chair in Brain Health and Economics will work with these partners to maximize the impact of its research.

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