Laura Monetta's team contributes to an online training program for people working with people suffering from aphasia

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A team including Laura Monetta, researcher at the CERVO Brain Research Centre and speech impediment specialist, has developed an online training program for people working with aphasic people.  Aphasic people will have difficulty, to various degrees, to find words, to name familiar objects, to build sentences or to articulate correctly.  Others will have difficulty understanding, reading or writing.  About a third of people who have a stroke suffer from aphasia.  

Support groups for aphasic persons are often staffed by volunteers.  "As there is a high turnover of volunteers, employees must spend a lot of time training new recruits.  The tool we have developed allows basic self training on aphasia and an introduction to efficient communication strategies with aphasic people" explains Laura Monetta.

«All the information presented is based on solid data obtained from research », says Laura Monetta. For Professor Monetta, this was a first experience of knowledge transfer from academia to the community.  "It is a difficult exercise, but I am proud of the final product because this training will help people in a concrete way in their daily lives." 

The training is available in French on this website APIA-AVC.

This news came from an article in the Université Laval Campus magazine  Le Fil de l'Université Laval. Read the whole story in French here:

Les mots pour le dire
Une équipe du Département de réadaptation a développé une formation destinée aux bénévoles qui travaillent auprès des personnes aphasiques
Par Jean Hamann

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