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Luca Pellegrini,

Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dynamics
The regulation of primary mitochondrial activities like ATP synthesis, calcium signaling and apoptosis impinges on the activity of proteins controlling the shape and structure of the mitochondrial network. Consequently, dysfunctions in mitochondria biogenesis and homeostasis are central to the development of a plethora of degenerative diseases and metabolic syndromes.

To understand the etiology of these disorders it is imperative to discover, therefore, how mitochondria morphology remodeling is regulated and which signaling pathways link physiological transitions to structural changes of the mitochondrial architecture. To this goal, the machinery coordinating mitochondria membrane fusion and fission must be dissected, and its mechanism of regulation understood.

In the PelleLAB we are working toward this goal by studying the mechanism of regulation of the rhomboid protease PARL and of the dynamin-related GTPase OPA1, two central regulators of mitochondria morphology and structure.


Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dynamics



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Québec (Québec) G1J 2G3




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