Marc-André Roy

Marc-André Roy,
MD, MSc (epidemiology), FRCP

Full professor, Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Faculté  de Médecine de l'Université Laval

Director, RAPPSoDIS Lab and CAP-Rétablissement Research Teams, Centre de Recherche CERVO

Psychiatrist and medical director, Clinique Notre-Dame des Victoires (Institut universitaire de Santé mentale de Québec du Centre intégré universitaire de Santé et Services sociaux de la Capitale nationale)

Innovative approaches to treating psychosis and schizophrenia

Dr. Marc-André Roy is a psychiatrist and a clinical scientist. His research focuses on schizophrenia , particularly early psychosis. He is among the pionneers and leaders in Québec and Canada in this field in which he has worked without interruption since 1997, which was aknowledged with the Heinz Lehman award of the AMPQ that recognizes lifetime contribution to psychiatry . He is also interested in the disorders that are often associated with these psychotic disorders, including anxiety disorders, substance use disorders as well as pathological gambling. 

The goal of Dr. Roy's research is to develop, test and compare new approaches to treat psychotic disorders mostly in a real-life setting, within a recovery-oriented approach. He is interested in the treatments currently given to patients to optimize their use, within a recovery-oriented approach. 

Regarding pharmacological treatments, he is conducting studies of the impact of long-acting injectable antipsychotics and clozapine in a real-life clinical setting, including the management of their side-effects. He also uses large population registries to examine the impact of these treatments as well as the patterns of their use. In addition to comparing pharmacological methods, Dr. Roy has also been involved in studies to determine the efficacy of various other non-pharmacological approaches, such as cognitive remediation or cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. 

Dr. Marc-André Roy's research is helping to develop new intervention strategies adapted to patients, according to their diagnosis and associated disorders, and whose effectiveness is demonstrated in daily practice. He is passionately committed to promoting the recovery of these individuals and supporting their families, particularly through the FRQ-SC CAP-Recovery Research Group and through his knowledge transfer activities, that include the development of the website Projet-rétablissement. 

Doctor Roy is a psychiatrist and a clinical scientist whose project focuses on schizophrenia and related psychoses, particularly on the development and assessment of new approaches in the treatment of early psychoses and on a better understanding of the comorbidity within psychosis disorders. Most of his research and clinical activities take place at the Clinique Notre-Dame des Victoires, an early intervention program for psychotic disorder (CIUSSS-Capitale Nationale).

Équipe Marc-André Roy

Clinique Notre-Dame des Victoires (CNDV) other principal investigators:

  • Marie-France Demers, BPharm, MSc, BCPP, Faculté de pharmacie, Université Laval
  • Amélie Achim, PhD, Faculté de médecine, Université Laval
  • Caroline Cellard, PhD, École de psychologie, Université Laval


Collaborators :


CNDV psychiatrists:

  • Anne-Pierre Bouffard, psychiatre;
  • Marianne De Bonville, psychiatre;
  • Sophie L’Heureux, psychiatre;


CNDV clinical professionnals :

  • Karine Blouin-Thomassin, nurse;
  • Martine Langevin, nurse;
  • Carolyne Lizotte, nurse;
  • Ann-Sophie Breault, pharmacist;
  • Marie-France Demers, pharmacist;
  • Geneviève Sirois, ATP;
  • Carolyne Gauthier, ATP;
  • Julie Bouchard, social worker;
  • Claudia Lévesque, social worker;
  • Patrick Vézina, social worker;
  • Julie Bourbeau, psychologist;
  • Lysanne Gauthier, psychologist;
  • Véronique Vachon, psychologist;
  • Lucie Gauvin, occupationnal therapist;
  • Emmanuelle Bouchard, clinical nurse, SIIP team;
  • Anne-Catherine Darveau, social worker, SIIP team;
  • Josianne Lavallée, social worker, SIIP team;
  • Valérie Ouellet, educator, équipe SIIP;
  • Linda Duclos, administrative agent;
  • Isabelle Jacques, head of the unit (CNDV);


Other clinical professionnals, CNDV consultants :

  • Marie-Laure Brassard-Lapointe, neuropsychologist;
  • Jackie Ouellet, neuropsychologist;
  • Isabelle Rioux, neuropsychologist;
  • Tarek Simon, neuropsychologist;
  • Marianne Blais, kinesiologist;
  • Claudine Doire, kinesiologist;
  • Brigitte Gagnon, physical educator;
  • Claude-Émilie Lefebvre, kinesiologist;
  • Louis Mercille, kinesiologist;
  • Mélanie Pelletier, physical educator;
  • Andrée Laprise, nutritionist;


  • Ashok Malla and Ridha Joober, Mc Gill University;
  • Alain Vanasse and Sylvain Grignon, Université de Sherbrooke;
  • Emmanuel Strip and Alain Lesage, Université de Montréal;
  • Paul Poirier and Patrice Brassard, Université Laval;
  • Pierre Desgagné and France Desjardins, CIUSSS-CN;
  • Andrea Bardell, Victoria
  • Ric Procyshyn, UBC Vancouver;
  • Phil tibbo, Dalhousie, Halifax.


CNDV research coordinators :

  • Chantal Vallières, BSc
  • Julie Tremblay, nurse
  • Catherine Lehoux, neuropsychologist


Graduate students :

  • William Pothier (PhD psychology) : cognitive predictors of return twork 
  • Louis-David Leclerc (medical student; externship) : clozapine utilization in early psychosis;
  • David Roy, Antoine Bertrand-Duchesne, Sophie Bertrand (psychiatry residents)
  • Charlie Fraser, Sarah-Maude Rioux (psychiatry residents) : therapeutic alliance in early intervention; 
  • Catherine Laughrea, Paule Kemgni, Henriette Kemgni (psychiatry residents) : autonomic disorders in early psychosis;
  • Gabrielle Salva (master in kinesiology) : functional capacity in early psychosis;
  • Joseph Akim (pharmacist, student in medecine) : Clozapine rechallenge following a neutropenia;

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Vigneault L, Quintal ML, Demers MF, Champoux Y, Cormier C, Roy MA, Wallot H : Je suis une personne, pas une maladie, éditions Performance, 2013 : reconnu best-seller (environ 6,000 copies vendus); j’ai écrit le chapitre : « Le devoir de protéger ».

Roy MA. Crowe RR. Paranoid Disorders in / dans: Medical Basis of Psychiatry (4th edition), edited by / édité par Fatemi and / et Clayton, Humana Press, in revision.

Dr Roy has completed his training in medicine and psychiatry (1991) at Laval University. He then completed a three-year fellowship in epidemiology and genetics research on psychotic disorders at University of Iowa, with Drs Nancy Andreasen and Raymond Crowe, and then in genetic epidemiology at the Medical College of Virginia with Dr Kenneth Kendler. 

Since then, he has been a clinical-scientist at the centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire en Santé Mentale de Québec (IUSMQ). He is a professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the Faculté de Médecine de l’Université Laval, where he chairs the research committee of the psychiatric residency program. He is also a clinical psychiatrist at the Clinique Notre-Dame-des-Victoires of the IUSMQ, an early intervention program dedicated to young adults at an early stage of a psychotic disorder, with a special emphasis on recovery-based interventions and collaboration with families. He has published over a hundred of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and his work has been supported by several agencies, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. He is supervising or has supervised over 20 graduate students (from various disciplines) and psychiatric residents.

2015 : Prix Hippocrate: prize acknowledging physicians and pharmacists’ collaboration, from the magazine «Le patient».
2014: First award for the book «Je suis une personne, pas une maladie», Institut Universitaire en santé mentale du Québec.
2011 : First award for the project : «Anxiety disorders and psychosis», Institut Universitaire en santé mentale du Québec.


Schizophrenia, early intervention in psychosis, treatment, antipsychotics, recovery, fast-learning systems, clinical-reseach, shared-decision making, psychopharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology; comorbidities, assessment methods,

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