Marie-Ève Paquet

Marie-Ève Paquet,

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Bioinformatics, Université Laval

Coordinator of the Molecular Tools Platform

Marie-Ève Paquet runs the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform viral vector core localized at the CERVO Brain Research Center.

Her group provides the CERVO community and the Quebec and Canadian researchers services in gene transfer technologies, molecular biology and viral vectors. They have an extensive expertise in AAV cassette optimisation as well as packaging and purification of various AAV serotypes. Her research interests include AAV serotype identification from environmental sources, AAV characterisation and methods development for AAV production and quality control. Through the Brain Canada funded Optogenetics and Vectorology Foundry, her lab has been working on the optimisation of optogenetics and viral tools for in vivo use in various model systems.

She is also involved in a multidisciplinary project aiming at understanding the link between the gut microbiota and brain development in the zebrafish model. More specifically, they are developing tools to visualize various bacteria colonizing the gut as well as light sensitive tools to modify this microbiota. She is also interested in developing genetic models of zebrafish to understand the effect of environmental toxins on the gut microbiota, the nervous system and the immune system.

-Nizar Chetoui

-Marc Boisvert

-Isabelle Labonté

-Ann Lorrain

-Anne Sébilo

-Hugo Orosz

-Claude Lamarre

-Gabriel Byatt (étudiant au doctorat)

-Christina Boudreau (étudiante à la maitrise)

-Lorène Bationo (étudiante au 1er cycle)

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Québec (Québec)
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