Marie-France Demers winner of the Louis-Hébert Prize

On October 6th, during the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec's awards ceremony, pharmacist Marie-France Demers was awarded the Ordre's highest distinction, the Louis-Hébert Award! The Louis-Hébert award is the highest distinction of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec. It recognizes the career of a current or former member who has distinguished himself or herself in a sustained manner through his or her commitment to the profession, his or her influence within and outside the practice environment, and his or her high ethical standards, making him or her a model for the profession.    
A passionate pharmacist and researcher at the CERVO Research Centre, she has been practicing clinical pharmacy for 25 years at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec in an early intervention clinic for young people in the early stages of psychosis. For three decades, she has intervened directly with more than 3,500 young people. A dynamic and committed teacher, Ms. Demers has always made it a point of honour to promote pharmaceutical care for people suffering from mental disorders.

To learn more about Marie-France's exceptional career, consult this  short video.

Congratulations, this recognition is well deserved!

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