Michel Maziade discusses brain disease in LaPresse+

Michel Maziade dans La Presse+

In a recent article in La Presse newspaper, Dr. Michel Maziade highlights the importance of recognizing brain diseases as such, as the Verreault family has done on the occasion of a "non-anonymous" $1M dollar donation for research on brain diseases.  It is time, says professor Maziade, to name the three main psychiatric brain diseases, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression, as they affect 4% of the population, or 1 million people in Canada alone.  Dr. Maziade also explains that 9% of global health costs are attributable to these three diseases, as these chronic diseases affect individuals for longer than cardiovascular disease, cancer or Alzheimer's disease, since they begin earlier in life.  

Read the articel by Michel Maziade in the debate section of la Presse (in French only)

Le traitement de maladies psychiatriques majeures stagne depuis des décennies, ayons le courage de les nommer.

Read the press release by the CERVO foundation about the historic $1M donation by Mr. Daniel Perreault for brain research.

Don le plus important, provenant d’un donateur individuel, dans l’histoire de la Fondation CERVO:
Michel Verreault et sa famille font un don de 1 M$ dédié à la recherche sur le cerveau.


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