Michèle Clément

Michèle Clément,

Professeure associée aux départements d’anthropologie et de sociologie de l’Université Laval

Directrice scientifique de l’équipe GRIOSE-SM (Groupe de recherche sur l'inclusion sociale, l'organisation des services et l'évaluation en santé mentale)

Dr. Clément's research program focuses on three areas:

  1. links between mental health service users and the public and community care systems;
  2. the links between the various mental health intervention domains and:
  3. the link between the mental health service user and the community.

In recent years, Dr. Clément's work has focused more specifically on the dynamics of stigma and social exclusion as well as intervention practices aimed at inclusion and social participation of people living with a mental disorder. She is also interested in the practices surrounding community support for people who have lived long periods of institutionalization in psychiatry, the rights of users, their involvement in the governance of health services and the demands of "full citizenship".

Her work on the public participation of service users in the organization and planning of mental health services has gained international recognition and has highlighted, among other things, the fact that if the Quebec government values this participation, many specific measures still need to be put in place to make it effective. Dr. Clément's research identifies innovative practices in the social inclusion of people who use mental health services.



Michèle Clément holds a doctorate degree in applied human sciences from the University of Montreal. She is also trained in social and cultural anthropology. She is Associate Professor in the Anthropology and Sociology Department of Université Laval and Scientific Director of GRIOSE-SM team since its founding in 2001.

Among her research interests are exclusion phenomenon and the unaffiliated social issues of persons afflicted with mental illness, in addition to intervention practices that target their inclusion and their social participation. In recent years, she has been working for the rights of users of the mental health system, involving the users in the organizing of health services, thereby allowing themto reclaim the rights of “full citizenship”.


Mental health, Services organization, Readaptation, Rights of users, Complaints process, Exclusion, Social Link

Michele Clement


CERSSPL- Université Laval
Institut universitaire de première ligne en santé et services sociaux
CIUSSS de la Capitale Nationale
Pavillon Landry-Poulin, Bureau A-2419
Entrée A. 1-2
2525 Chemin de la Canardière
Québec, QC. G1J 0A4

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