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Molecular Tools Platform Team

Coordinator: Nizar Chetoui -


MTP is a vector core facility service localized at the Research Center of the Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Québec. The platform provides the CRIUSMQ community and the Quebec and Canadian researchers services in gene transfer technologies, molecular biology, the generation of transgenic animals and the production of viral vectors. MTP allows researchers to have access to consultation, technical assistance or to order a turn-key project for which our team takes care of all the steps from the draft strategy to the delivery of the finished product. We develop, amongst others, genetic tools that allow the expression of fluorescent proteins used in imaging of the nervous system.

The services offered by MTP can be divided into two areas of expertise:

1. Molecular constructions: Design, cloning and production of molecular constructions in order to produce plasmid expression vectors or to generate transgenic animals (Knock-out or Knock-in animals).

2. Viral vectors: The design and production of various viral vectors. This service includes advice and assistance for the choice of suitable vectors required by investigators.

Visit the Neurophotonics Centre website for more information about:

  • the services provided by the MTP,
  • the list of available molecular tools (which includes constructs by Karl Deisseroth, Ed Boyden, Roger Tsien and others), 
  • the price list
  • and information about how to place an order:

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