Motor response selection in overt sentence production: a functional MRI study.

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Journal Article


Front Psychol, Volume 2, p.253 (2011)


<p>Many different cortical areas are thought to be involved in the process of selecting motor responses, from the inferior frontal gyrus, to the lateral and medial parts of the premotor cortex. The objective of the present study was to examine the neural underpinnings of motor response selection in a set of overt language production tasks. To this aim, we compared a sentence repetition task (externally constrained selection task) with a sentence generation task (volitional selection task) in a group of healthy adults. In general, the results clarify the contribution of the pre-SMA, cingulate areas, PMv, and pars triangularis to the process of selecting motor responses in the context of sentence production, and shed light on the manner in which this network is modulated by selection mode. Further, the present study suggests that response selection in sentence production engages neural resources similar to those engaged in the production of isolated words and oral motor gestures.</p>

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