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Navigate, the first summer interns day organized by CERVOLET!

Hi all,

We are pleased to invite you to Navigate, the first summer interns day organized by CERVOLET! During this day we would like to wish farewell to all our interns that have been in CERVO for the past few months.  The goal is to introduce many of the diverse neuroscience research topics studied within CERVO to the interns, so that they can better choose their topic if they return in the future.

The event is going to take place on Thursday 9th of August from 16h00 to 19h00 in F-1455. Everyone is invited to the event under the theme of a casual poster session. It will be a great opportunity to discuss about science and get to know each other better at the end of the day. Beverages and snacks will be served!

We call all the students and post-doctoral fellows to submit a poster that you already have prepared to put up and present for the interns (avoid printing a new poster just for this event). To do so please email us the title of your poster, name, status (master student, PhD student etc.) and laboratory at  We will select the presenters at random as space is limited. The poster submission deadline is due to 26th of July at 17h00.

We expect to see you all on Thursday evening, 9th of August!


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