Neural circuits of pain and itch

Conférence du Centre de recherche CERVO
Date & Time: 
Friday, April 12, 2024 - 11:00
Sarah Ross

Professor of Neurobiology

Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research, Director

University of Pittsburgh


Sarah Ross is a Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh and the Director of the Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research. She did her graduate work with Ormand MacDougald at the University of Michigan studying signaling pathways that regulate adipocyte (fat cell) differentiation. Her postdoctoral training was at Harvard working with Michael Greenberg where she studied the function of atonal-related transcription factors in neural development. As a PI, she and her team are interested in the neural coding of somatosensation. In addition, a second area of focus of the lab is a greater understanding of you feel physically —particularly sensations such as itch and pain— and how those pathways intersect with how you feel emotionally. Their research includes 2P Ca2+ imaging, viral tracing, neural circuit manipulation, and animal behavior. Dr. Ross also feels passionately about training the next generation of scientists, and has received several awards for her mentoring. 

The talk will focus on efforts using 2P imaging of the spinal dorsal horn to unravel that neural circuits underlying itch and pain. 


Centre de recherche CERVO Brain Research Centre, 2601, de la Canardière Québec (Québec) CANADA G1J 2G3

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