Université Laval is a member of the Neurasmus partner institution, who offer an international Master in Neuroscience. 

Neurasmus is developped through the active cooperation of 5 partner universities and 13 Associated Members.

The 5 Neurasmus academic partners (Université de BordeauxVrije Universiteit AmsterdamUMG Universitätsmedizin GöttingenCharité - Universitätsmedizin BerlinUniversité Laval) are sites of excellence in neuroscience and have a proven track record of close collaboration. Most of them are part of the European Neuroscience Campus Network, a new organization of Neuroscience Centres in Europe, with the aim to organize - and formalize - research collaborations, align grant acquisition strategies and create exchange opportunities at all levels of education and professional work.

Laval's graduate program in Neurobiology offers a Master Program in advanced experimental Neuroscience, including Neurophotonics (Maîtrise en neurosciences). The Program is taught in French. 

Learn more about the Neurasmus network here:

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