New virtual training course offered by Pre Geneviève Martin: "Integrating sexuality into the assessment and intervention of perpetrators of sexual transgressions

Geneviève Martin

Taking sexuality into account when assessing and intervening with people who commit sexual transgressions  is of crucial importance. The sexual dimension is intimately linked to the offending behaviours of this population, and exploring it is essential to the development of recidivism prevention and rehabilitation strategies focused on normophilic sexuality.

Unfortunately, many practitioners struggle to address this delicate subject.

This virtual training course is presented by Geneviève Martin, Ph.D. psychologist, sexologist and associate professor at Université Laval, along with Catherine Richard, M.A. sexologist psychotherapist and Marie-Ève Aubé, M.A. sexologist psychotherapist. They all have many years' experience working with people who have committed sexual transgressions.

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