Non-Invasive Applications of Transcranial Focused Ultrasound for Brain Repair

Date & Time: 
Friday, May 5, 2023 - 11:00
Isabelle Aubert

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Brain Repair and Regeneration
Full Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Senior Scientist, Hurvitz Brain Sciences Research Program, Biological Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute


Dr. Aubert has over 30 years of expertise in regenerative gene therapies for the aging and diseased brain. At Sunnybrook, she leads the Brain Repair Group in evaluating the impact of focused ultrasound and blood-brain barrier modulation on the plasticity of molecular, cellular and cognitive systems in animal models. Through collaborative work, Dr. Aubert and team members are developing molecular, cellular and gene therapies that can halt neurodegeneration and promote regeneration, particularly when combined with MR image-guided focused ultrasound in preclinical models of neurodegenerative disorders, specializing in Alzheimer’s disease.

Centre de recherche CERVO Brain Research Centre, 2601, de la Canardière Québec (Québec) CANADA G1J 2G3

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