Personalized cognitive remediation therapy to facilitate return to work or to school in recent-onset psychosis.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Neurocase, Volume 26, Issue 6, p.340-352 (2020)


Adult, Cognitive Dysfunction, Cognitive Remediation, Humans, Male, Psychotic Disorders, Return to School, Return to Work, Schizophrenia, Young Adult


<p>Cognitive deficits are barriers to job acquisition or return to school, and can be reduced through Cognitive remediation therapy (CRT). The main goal of this multiple case study was to investigate the effect of personalized CRT on occupational status in three participants with a recent-onset psychosis. Two cases improved their occupational status at post-treatment, and showed improvements in cognitive, psychological, and/or clinical variables. This study suggests that personalized CRT may facilitate job acquisition or return to school. However, the different pathways showed by our cases indicate that personalized CRT may influence occupational status through multiple mechanisms, underlining the relevance of treatment personalization.</p>

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