Personalized Neuromedicine

Neuromédecine personalisée

For 25 years, the Centre for Personalized Neuromedicine and Child Neurodevelopment has conducted a coherent longitudinal and transversal research unifying the familial, neurodevelopmental and neurobiological roots of major psychoses.

This unique program regroups an interdisciplinary team of experts combining

  • developmental psychopathology,
  • epidemiology and genetics,
  • neuropsychology,
  • biostastistics,
  • electroretinography,
  • trauma psychology and
  • neurophotonics.

The CIUSSS-CN, in synergy with the CERVO Personalized neuromedicine initiative, has now launched the HoPE program, a direct translational arm in the primary care services of the CIUSSS-CN.

Funding / Support / Partners

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