Priming of non-speech vocalizations in male adults: the influence of the speaker's gender.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Brain Cogn, Volume 55, Issue 2, p.300-2 (2004)


Adult, Affect, Auditory Perception, Cues, Discrimination (Psychology), Female, Humans, Judgment, Laughter, Male, Phonation, Reaction Time, Recognition (Psychology), Sex Factors, Voice


<p>Previous research reported a priming effect for voices. However, the type of information primed is still largely unknown. In this study, we examined the influence of speaker's gender and emotional category of the stimulus on priming of non-speech vocalizations in 10 male participants, who performed a gender identification task. We found a significant priming effect, which was greater for female than male vocalizations. In contrast, the emotional category of the stimuli did not appear to modulate the magnitude of priming. These data suggest that different aspects of the information conveyed in non-speech vocalizations may contribute differently to behavioral priming, possibly influenced by task relevance.</p>

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