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N. Berthelot, Paccalet, T., Gilbert, E., Moreau, I., Mérette, C., Gingras, N., Rouleau, N., and Maziade, M., Childhood abuse and neglect may induce deficits in cognitive precursors of psychosis in high-risk children., J Psychiatry Neurosci, vol. 40, no. 5, pp. 336-43, 2015.
C. Cellard, Rouleau, N., Moreau, I., Gilbert, E., Paccalet, T., M-A Roy, Jomphe, V., Mérette, C., and Maziade, M., Cognitive structure from childhood to adulthood in kindreds densely affected by schizophrenia and bipolar disorder., Psychiatry Res, vol. 229, no. 1-2, pp. 101-8, 2015.
M-A Roy, Achim, A., Vallières, C., Labbé, A., Mérette, C., Maziade, M., Demers, M. - F., and Bouchard, R. - H., Comorbidity between anxiety disorders and recent-onset psychotic disorders., Schizophr Res, vol. 166, no. 1-3, pp. 353-4, 2015.
V. Riva, Battaglia, M., Nobile, M., Cattaneo, F., Lazazzera, C., Mascheretti, S., Giorda, R., Mérette, C., Emond, C., Maziade, M., and Marino, C., GRIN2B predicts attention problems among disadvantaged children., Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry, vol. 24, no. 7, pp. 827-36, 2015.
M. Hébert, Mérette, C., Paccalet, T., Emond, C., Gagné, A. - M., Sasseville, A., and Maziade, M., Light evoked potentials measured by electroretinogram may tap into the neurodevelopmental roots of schizophrenia., Schizophr Res, vol. 162, no. 1-3, pp. 294-5, 2015.
S. Mascheretti, Marino, C., Simone, D., Quadrelli, E., Riva, V., Cellino, M. Rosaria, Maziade, M., Brombin, C., and Battaglia, M., Putative risk factors in developmental dyslexia: a case-control study of Italian children., J Learn Disabil, vol. 48, no. 2, pp. 120-9, 2015.
A. - M. Gagné, Hébert, M., and Maziade, M., Revisiting visual dysfunctions in schizophrenia from the retina to the cortical cells: A manifestation of defective neurodevelopment., Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, vol. 62, pp. 29-34, 2015.
M. Masson, Wykes, T., Maziade, M., Reeder, C., Gariépy, M. - A., M-A Roy, Ivers, H., and Cellard, C., Top-down computerized cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: a case study of an individual with impairment in verbal fluency., Case Rep Psychiatry, vol. 2015, p. 242364, 2015.

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