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C. Dallaire-Théroux, Beheshti, I., Potvin, O., Dieumegarde, L., Saikali, S., and Duchesne, S., Braak neurofibrillary tangle staging prediction from in vivo MRI metrics., Alzheimers Dement (Amst), vol. 11, pp. 599-609, 2019.
O. Potvin, Chouinard, I., Dieumegarde, L., Bartha, R., Bellec, P., D Collins, L., Descoteaux, M., Hoge, R., Ramirez, J., Scott, C. J. M., Smith, E. E., Strother, S. C., Black, S. E., and Duchesne, S., The Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol: Harmonization validity for morphometry measurements., Neuroimage Clin, vol. 24, p. 101943, 2019.
O. Potvin, Mouiha, A., Dieumegarde, L., and Duchesne, S., Corrigendum to: "FreeSurfer subcortical normative data" [Data in Brief 9 (2016) 732-736]., Data Brief, vol. 23, p. 103704, 2019.
O. Potvin, Khademi, A., Chouinard, I., Farokhian, F., Dieumegarde, L., Leppert, I., Hoge, R., Rajah, M. Natasha, Bellec, P., and Duchesne, S., Measurement Variability Following MRI System Upgrade., Front Neurol, vol. 10, p. 726, 2019.
I. Beheshti, Gravel, P., Potvin, O., Dieumegarde, L., and Duchesne, S., A novel patch-based procedure for estimating brain age across adulthood., Neuroimage, vol. 197, pp. 618-624, 2019.
S. Duchesne, Dieumegarde, L., Chouinard, I., Farokhian, F., Badhwar, A. P., Bellec, P., Tétreault, P., Descoteaux, M., Boré, A., Houde, J. - C., Beaulieu, C., and Potvin, O., Structural and functional multi-platform MRI series of a single human volunteer over more than fifteen years., Sci Data, vol. 6, no. 1, p. 245, 2019.

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