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D. DePaoli, Gasecka, A., Bahdine, M., Deschenes, J. M., Goetz, L., Perez-Sanchez, J., Bonin, R. P., De Koninck, Y., Parent, M., and Côté, D. C., Anisotropic light scattering from myelinated axons in the spinal cord., Neurophotonics, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 015011, 2020.
S. C Khademullah, Aqrabawi, A. J., Place, K. M., Dargaei, Z., Liang, X., Pressey, J. C., Bedard, S., Yang, J. Wei, Garand, D., Keramidis, I., Gasecka, A., Côté, D. C., De Koninck, Y., Keith, J., Zinman, L., Robertson, J., Kim, J. Chul, and Woodin, M. A., Cortical interneuron-mediated inhibition delays the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., Brain, vol. 143, no. 3, pp. 800-810, 2020.
Q. Li, Siri, T., Bressan, C., De Koninck, Y., and Saghatelyan, A., Developmental Potential and Plasticity of Olfactory Epithelium Stem Cells Revealed by Heterotopic Grafting in the Adult Brain., Stem Cell Reports, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 692-702, 2020.
F. Ferrini, Perez-Sanchez, J., Ferland, S., Lorenzo, L. - E., Godin, A. G., Plasencia-Fernandez, I., Cottet, M., Castonguay, A., Wang, F., Salio, C., Doyon, N., Merighi, A., and De Koninck, Y., Differential chloride homeostasis in the spinal dorsal horn locally shapes synaptic metaplasticity and modality-specific sensitization., Nat Commun, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 3935, 2020.
M. Papalampropoulou-Tsiridou, Labrecque, S., Godin, A. G., De Koninck, Y., and Wang, F., Differential Expression of Acid - Sensing Ion Channels in Mouse Primary Afferents in Naïve and Injured Conditions., Front Cell Neurosci, vol. 14, p. 103, 2020.
L. - E. Lorenzo, Godin, A. G., Ferrini, F., Bachand, K., Plasencia-Fernandez, I., Labrecque, S., Girard, A. A., Boudreau, D., Kianicka, I., Gagnon, M., Doyon, N., Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., and De Koninck, Y., Enhancing neuronal chloride extrusion rescues α2/α3 GABA-mediated analgesia in neuropathic pain., Nat Commun, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 869, 2020.
Exome Sequencing Implicates Impaired GABA Signaling and Neuronal Ion Transport in Trigeminal Neuralgia., iScience, vol. 23, no. 10, p. 101552, 2020.
B. Mailhot, Christin, M., Tessandier, N., Sotoudeh, C., Bretheau, F., Turmel, R., Pellerin, È., Wang, F., Bories, C., Joly-Beauparlant, C., De Koninck, Y., Droit, A., Cicchetti, F., Scherrer, G., Boilard, E., Sharif-Naeini, R., and Lacroix, S., Neuronal interleukin-1 receptors mediate pain in chronic inflammatory diseases., J Exp Med, vol. 217, no. 9, 2020.
M. Battaglia, Rossignol, O., Bachand, K., D'Amato, F. R., and De Koninck, Y., Amiloride modulation of carbon dioxide hypersensitivity and thermal nociceptive hypersensitivity induced by interference with early maternal environment., J Psychopharmacol, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 101-108, 2019.
J. C. S. Mapplebeck, Lorenzo, L. - E., Lee, K. Yeop, Gauthier, C., Muley, M. M., De Koninck, Y., Prescott, S. A., and Salter, M. W., Chloride Dysregulation through Downregulation of KCC2 Mediates Neuropathic Pain in Both Sexes., Cell Rep, vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 590-596.e4, 2019.
A. Dedek, Xu, J., Kandegedara, C. M., Lorenzo, L. - E., Godin, A. G., De Koninck, Y., Lombroso, P. J., Tsai, E. C., and Hildebrand, M. E., Loss of STEP61 couples disinhibition to N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor potentiation in rodent and human spinal pain processing., Brain, vol. 142, no. 6, pp. 1535-1546, 2019.
J. Illes, Weiss, S., Bains, J., Chandler, J. A., Conrod, P., De Koninck, Y., Fellows, L. K., Groetzinger, D., Racine, E., Robillard, J. M., and Sokolowski, M. B., A Neuroethics Backbone for the Evolving Canadian Brain Research Strategy., Neuron, vol. 101, no. 3, pp. 370-374, 2019.
M. Richner, Pallesen, L. T., Ulrichsen, M., Poulsen, E. T., Holm, T. H., Login, H., Castonguay, A., Lorenzo, L. - E., Gonçalves, N. P., Andersen, O. M., Lykke-Hartmann, K., Enghild, J. J., Rønn, L. C. B., Malik, I. J., De Koninck, Y., Bjerrum, O. J., Vægter, C. B., and Nykjær, A., Sortilin gates neurotensin and BDNF signaling to control peripheral neuropathic pain., Sci Adv, vol. 5, no. 6, p. eaav9946, 2019.
G. Gagnon-Turcotte, Keramidis, I., Ethier, C., De Koninck, Y., and Gosselin, B., A Wireless Electro-Optic Headstage With a 0.13- μm CMOS Custom Integrated DWT Neural Signal Decoder for Closed-Loop Optogenetics., IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst, vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 1036-1051, 2019.
M. Rezaei, Maghsoudloo, E., Bories, C., De Koninck, Y., and Gosselin, B., A Low-Power Current-Reuse Analog Front-End for High-Density Neural Recording Implants., IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 271-280, 2018.
L. Thibon, Piché, M., and De Koninck, Y., Resolution enhancement in laser scanning microscopy with deconvolution switching laser modes (D-SLAM)., Opt Express, vol. 26, no. 19, pp. 24881-24903, 2018.
F. Wang, Bélanger, E., Côté, S. L., Desrosiers, P., Prescott, S. A., Côté, D. C., and De Koninck, Y., Sensory Afferents Use Different Coding Strategies for Heat and Cold., Cell Rep, vol. 23, no. 7, pp. 2001-2013, 2018.
T. J. Price, Basbaum, A. I., Bresnahan, J., Chambers, J. F., De Koninck, Y., Edwards, R. R., Ji, R. - R., Katz, J., Kavelaars, A., Levine, J. D., Porter, L., Schechter, N., Sluka, K. A., Terman, G. W., Wager, T. D., Yaksh, T. L., and Dworkin, R. H., Transition to chronic pain: opportunities for novel therapeutics., Nat Rev Neurosci, vol. 19, no. 7, pp. 383-384, 2018.
M. Noormohamm Khiarak, Martianova, E., Bories, C., Martel, S., Proulx, C. D., De Koninck, Y., and Gosselin, B., A Wireless Fiber Photometry System Based on a High-Precision CMOS Biosensor With Embedded Continuous-Time Modulation., IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 495-509, 2018.
N. E. Burma, Bonin, R. P., Leduc-Pessah, H., Baimel, C., Cairncross, Z. F., Mousseau, M., Shankara, J. Vijaya, Stemkowski, P. L., Baimoukhametova, D., Bains, J. S., Antle, M. C., Zamponi, G. W., Cahill, C. M., Borgland, S. L., De Koninck, Y., and Trang, T., Blocking microglial pannexin-1 channels alleviates morphine withdrawal in rodents., Nat Med, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 355-360, 2017.
M. Choinière, Ware, M. A., Pagé, M. G., Lacasse, A., Lanctôt, H., Beaudet, N., Boulanger, A., Bourgault, P., Cloutier, C., Coupal, L., De Koninck, Y., Dion, D., Dolbec, P., Germain, L., Martin, V., Sarret, P., Shir, Y., Taillefer, M. - C., Tousignant, B., Trépanier, A., and Truchon, R., Development and Implementation of a Registry of Patients Attending Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment Clinics: The Quebec Pain Registry., Pain Res Manag, vol. 2017, p. 8123812, 2017.
F. Ferrini, Lorenzo, L. - E., Godin, A. G., Le Quang, M., and De Koninck, Y., Enhancing KCC2 function counteracts morphine-induced hyperalgesia., Sci Rep, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 3870, 2017.
V. Mahadevan, C Khademullah, S., Dargaei, Z., Chevrier, J., Uvarov, P., Kwan, J., Bagshaw, R. D., Pawson, T., Emili, A., De Koninck, Y., Anggono, V., Airaksinen, M., and Woodin, M. A., Native KCC2 interactome reveals PACSIN1 as a critical regulator of synaptic inhibition., Elife, vol. 6, 2017.
M. Gagnon, Bergeron, M. J., Perez-Sanchez, J., Plasencia-Fernandez, I., Lorenzo, L. - E., Godin, A. G., Castonguay, A., Bonin, R. P., and De Koninck, Y., Reply to The small molecule CLP257 does not modify activity of the K-Cl co-transporter KCC2 but does potentiate GABA receptor activity., Nat Med, vol. 23, no. 12, pp. 1396-1398, 2017.

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