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An analysis of differential improvement by diagnosis in group transdiagnostic cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders., J Ment Health, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 619-624, 2023.
Anxiety in bipolar disorder: A review of publication trends., J Affect Disord, vol. 320, pp. 340-347, 2023.
Cost-Effectiveness of Group Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care Settings: Economic Evaluation From the Healthcare System Perspective Over a 1-Year Time Horizon., Can J Psychiatry, p. 7067437231187459, 2023.
Cost-effectiveness of transdiagnostic group cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders treatment as usual: economic evaluation of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial over an 8-month time horizon using self-reported data., Psychol Med, pp. 1-13, 2023.
An examination of sudden gain prevalence across cognitive-behavioural therapy for anxiety and depressive disorders: A quantitative analysis and meta-analytic review., J Anxiety Disord, vol. 95, p. 102697, 2023.
Moderators of the cost-effectiveness of transdiagnostic CBT for anxiety disorders over an 8-month time horizon using a net-benefit regression framework., BMC Health Serv Res, vol. 23, no. 1, p. 596, 2023.

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