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G. D. Bosse, Cadeddu, R., Floris, G., Farero, R. D., Vigato, E., Lee, S. J., Zhang, T., Gaikwad, N. W., Keefe, K. A., Phillips, P. Em, Bortolato, M., and Peterson, R. T., The 5α-reductase inhibitor finasteride reduces opioid self-administration in animal models of opioid use disorder., J Clin Invest, vol. 131, no. 10, 2021.
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T. P. Bittar, Pelaez, M. Carmen, Silva, J. Cesar Hern, Quessy, F., Lavigne, A. - A., Morency, D., Blanchette, L. - J., Arsenault, E., Cherasse, Y., Seigneur, J., Timofeev, I., Sephton, C. F., Proulx, C. D., and Labonte, B., Chronic Stress Induces Sex-Specific Functional and Morphological Alterations in Corticoaccumbal and Corticotegmental Pathways., Biol Psychiatry, vol. 90, no. 3, pp. 194-205, 2021.
G. D. Bosse, Urcino, C., Watkins, M., Salcedo, P. Flórez, Kozel, S., Chase, K., Cabang, A., Espino, S. S., Safavi-Hemami, H., Raghuraman, S., Olivera, B. M., Peterson, R. T., and Gajewiak, J., Discovery of a Potent Conorfamide from Using a Novel Zebrafish Larvae Assay., J Nat Prod, vol. 84, no. 4, pp. 1232-1243, 2021.
C. Ducrot, Bourque, M. - J., Delmas, C. V. L., Racine, A. - S., Bello, D. Guadarrama, Delignat-Lavaud, B., Lycas, M. Domenic, Fallon, A., Michaud-Tardif, C., Nanni, S. Burke, Herborg, F., Gether, U., Nanci, A., Takahashi, H., Parent, M., and Trudeau, L. - E., Dopaminergic neurons establish a distinctive axonal arbor with a majority of non-synaptic terminals., FASEB J, vol. 35, no. 8, p. e21791, 2021.
K. Pilipović, Bumber, J. Rajič, Dolenec, P., Gržeta, N., Janković, T., Kriz, J., and Zupan, G., Long-Term Effects of Repetitive Mild Traumatic Injury on the Visual System in Wild-Type and TDP-43 Transgenic Mice., Int J Mol Sci, vol. 22, no. 12, 2021.
I. Anastasia, Ilacqua, N., Raimondi, A., Lemieux, P., Ghandehari-Alavijeh, R., Faure, G., Mekhedov, S. L., Williams, K. J., Caicci, F., Valle, G., Giacomello, M., Quiroga, A. D., Lehner, R., Miksis, M. J., Tóth, K., Vallim, T. Q. de Aguia, Koonin, E. V., Scorrano, L., and Pellegrini, L., Mitochondria-rough-ER contacts in the liver regulate systemic lipid homeostasis., Cell Rep, vol. 34, no. 11, p. 108873, 2021.
H. Poulin and Chahine, M., R1617Q epilepsy mutation slows Na 1.6 sodium channel inactivation and increases the persistent current and neuronal firing., J Physiol, vol. 599, no. 5, pp. 1651-1664, 2021.
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J. Rajič Bumber, Pilipović, K., Janković, T., Dolenec, P., Gržeta, N., Kriz, J., and Zupan, G., Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injury Is Associated With TDP-43 Alterations, Neurodegeneration, and Glial Activation in Mice., J Neuropathol Exp Neurol, vol. 80, no. 1, pp. 2-14, 2021.
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T. Wiesner, Bilodeau, A., Bernatchez, R., Deschênes, A., Raulier, B., De Koninck, P., and Lavoie-Cardinal, F., Activity-Dependent Remodeling of Synaptic Protein Organization Revealed by High Throughput Analysis of STED Nanoscopy Images., Front Neural Circuits, vol. 14, p. 57, 2020.
R. Huda, Sipe, G. O., Breton-Provencher, V., K Cruz, G., Pho, G. N., Adam, E., Gunter, L. M., Sullins, A., Wickersham, I. R., and Sur, M., Distinct prefrontal top-down circuits differentially modulate sensorimotor behavior., Nat Commun, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 6007, 2020.
O. Weeks, Bosse, G. D., Oderberg, I. M., Akle, S., Houvras, Y., Wrighton, P. J., LaBella, K., Iversen, I., Tavakoli, S., Adatto, I., Schwartz, A., Kloosterman, D., Tsomides, A., Charness, M. E., Peterson, R. T., Steinhauser, M. L., Fazeli, P. K., and Goessling, W., Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder predisposes to metabolic abnormalities in adulthood., J Clin Invest, vol. 130, no. 5, pp. 2252-2269, 2020.
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H. Yu, Villanueva, N., Bittar, T., Arsenault, E., Labonte, B., and Huan, T., Parallel metabolomics and lipidomics enables the comprehensive study of mouse brain regional metabolite and lipid patterns., Anal Chim Acta, vol. 1136, pp. 168-177, 2020.
S. Chometton, Guèvremont, G., Seigneur, J., Timofeeva, E., and Timofeev, I., Projections from the nucleus accumbens shell to the ventral pallidum are involved in the control of sucrose intake in adult female rats., Brain Struct Funct, vol. 225, no. 9, pp. 2815-2839, 2020.
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I. St-Amour, Bosoi, C. R., Paré, I., Doss, P. Mercy Igna, Rangachari, M., Hébert, S. S., Bazin, R., and Calon, F., Peripheral adaptive immunity of the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease., J Neuroinflammation, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 3, 2019.
H. L. Denis, Lamontagne-Proulx, J., St-Amour, I., Mason, S. L., Rowley, J. W., Cloutier, N., Tremblay, M. - E., Vincent, A. T., Gould, P. V., Chouinard, S., Weyrich, A. S., Rondina, M. T., Barker, R. A., Boilard, E., and Cicchetti, F., Platelet abnormalities in Huntington's disease., J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, vol. 90, no. 3, pp. 272-283, 2019.

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