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M. E. Ward, Taubes, A., Chen, R., Miller, B. L., Sephton, C. F., Gelfand, J. M., Minami, S., Boscardin, J., Martens, L. Herl, Seeley, W. W., Yu, G., Herz, J., Filiano, A. J., Arrant, A. E., Roberson, E. D., Kraft, T. W., Farese, R. V., Green, A., and Gan, L., Early retinal neurodegeneration and impaired Ran-mediated nuclear import of TDP-43 in progranulin-deficient FTLD., J Exp Med, vol. 211, no. 10, pp. 1937-45, 2014.
A. D. Macaulay, Gilbert, I., Caballero, J., Barreto, R., Fournier, E., Tossou, P., Sirard, M. - A., Clarke, H. J., Khandjian, E. W., Richard, F. J., Hyttel, P., and Robert, C., The gametic synapse: RNA transfer to the bovine oocyte., Biol Reprod, vol. 91, no. 4, p. 90, 2014.
F. A. Wright, Sullivan, P. F., Brooks, A. I., Zou, F., Sun, W., Xia, K., Madar, V., Jansen, R., Chung, W., Zhou, Y. - H., Abdellaoui, A., Batista, S., Butler, C., Chen, G., Chen, T. - H., D'Ambrosio, D., Gallins, P., Ha, M. Jin, Hottenga, J. Jan, Huang, S., Kattenberg, M., Kochar, J., Middeldorp, C. M., Qu, A., Shabalin, A., Tischfield, J., Todd, L., Tzeng, J. - Y., van Grootheest, G., Vink, J. M., Wang, Q., Wang, W., Wang, W., Willemsen, G., Smit, J. H., de Geus, E. J., Yin, Z., Penninx, B. W. J. H., and Boomsma, D. I., Heritability and genomics of gene expression in peripheral blood., Nat Genet, vol. 46, no. 5, pp. 430-7, 2014.
P. Jourdain, Becq, F., Lengacher, S., Boinot, C., Magistretti, P. J., and Marquet, P., The human CFTR protein expressed in CHO cells activates aquaporin-3 in a cAMP-dependent pathway: study by digital holographic microscopy., J Cell Sci, vol. 127, no. Pt 3, pp. 546-56, 2014.

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