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M. Heshmati, Aleyasin, H., Menard, C., Christoffel, D. J., Flanigan, M. E., Pfau, M. L., Hodes, G. E., Lepack, A. E., Bicks, L. K., Takahashi, A., Chandra, R., Turecki, G., Lobo, M. Kay, Maze, I., Golden, S. A., and Russo, S. J., Cell-type-specific role for nucleus accumbens neuroligin-2 in depression and stress susceptibility., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 115, no. 5, pp. 1111-1116, 2018.
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J. Wang, Hodes, G. E., Zhang, H., Zhang, S., Zhao, W., Golden, S. A., Bi, W., Menard, C., Kana, V., Leboeuf, M., Xie, M., Bregman, D., Pfau, M. L., Flanigan, M. E., Esteban-Fernández, A., Yemul, S., Sharma, A., Ho, L., Dixon, R., Merad, M., Han, M. - H., Russo, S. J., and Pasinetti, G. M., Epigenetic modulation of inflammation and synaptic plasticity promotes resilience against stress in mice., Nat Commun, vol. 9, no. 1, p. 477, 2018.
S. El-Boustani, Ip, J. P. K., Breton-Provencher, V., Knott, G. W., Okuno, H., Bito, H., and Sur, M., Locally coordinated synaptic plasticity of visual cortex neurons in vivo., Science, vol. 360, no. 6395, pp. 1349-1354, 2018.
B. A. Matikainen-Ankney, Kezunovic, N., Menard, C., Flanigan, M. E., Zhong, Y., Russo, S. J., Benson, D. L., and Huntley, G. W., Parkinson's Disease-Linked LRRK2-G2019S Mutation Alters Synaptic Plasticity and Promotes Resilience to Chronic Social Stress in Young Adulthood., J Neurosci, vol. 38, no. 45, pp. 9700-9711, 2018.
F. Wang, Bélanger, E., Côté, S. L., Desrosiers, P., Prescott, S. A., Côté, D. C., and De Koninck, Y., Sensory Afferents Use Different Coding Strategies for Heat and Cold., Cell Rep, vol. 23, no. 7, pp. 2001-2013, 2018.
D. Castonguay, Dufort-Gervais, J., Menard, C., Chatterjee, M., Quirion, R., Bontempi, B., Schneider, J. S., Arnsten, A. F. T., Nairn, A. C., Norris, C. M., Ferland, G., Bezard, E., Gaudreau, P., Lombroso, P. J., and Brouillette, J., The Tyrosine Phosphatase STEP Is Involved in Age-Related Memory Decline., Curr Biol, vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 1079-1089.e4, 2018.
M. Vandal, White, P. J., Chevrier, G., Tremblay, C., St-Amour, I., Planel, E., Marette, A., and Calon, F., Age-dependent impairment of glucose tolerance in the 3xTg-AD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease., FASEB J, vol. 29, no. 10, pp. 4273-84, 2015.
G. Cisbani, Drouin-Ouellet, J., Gibrat, C., Saint-Pierre, M., Lagacé, M., Badrinarayanan, S., Lavallée-Bourget, M. H., Charest, J., Chabrat, A., Boivin, L., Lebel, M., Bousquet, M., Lévesque, M., and Cicchetti, F., Cystamine/cysteamine rescues the dopaminergic system and shows neurorestorative properties in an animal model of Parkinson's disease., Neurobiol Dis, vol. 82, pp. 430-444, 2015.
C. Pacelli, Giguère, N., Bourque, M. - J., Lévesque, M., Slack, R. S., and Trudeau, L. - E., Elevated Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Axonal Arborization Size Are Key Contributors to the Vulnerability of Dopamine Neurons., Curr Biol, vol. 25, no. 18, pp. 2349-60, 2015.
D. W. Matthews, Deschênes, M., Furuta, T., Moore, J. D., Wang, F., Karten, H. J., and Kleinfeld, D., Feedback in the brainstem: an excitatory disynaptic pathway for control of whisking., J Comp Neurol, vol. 523, no. 6, pp. 921-42, 2015.
W. Alata, Ye, Y., St-Amour, I., Vandal, M., and Calon, F., Human apolipoprotein E ɛ4 expression impairs cerebral vascularization and blood-brain barrier function in mice., J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 86-94, 2015.
K. Bakhshetyan and Saghatelyan, A., Tracking neuronal migration in adult brain slices., Curr Protoc Neurosci, vol. 71, pp. 3.28.1-13, 2015.
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D. Arsenault, St-Amour, I., Cisbani, G., Rousseau, L. - S., and Cicchetti, F., The different effects of LPS and poly I:C prenatal immune challenges on the behavior, development and inflammatory responses in pregnant mice and their offspring., Brain Behav Immun, vol. 38, pp. 77-90, 2014.
J. A. Spencer, Ferraro, F., Roussakis, E., Klein, A., Wu, J., Runnels, J. M., Zaher, W., Mortensen, L. J., Alt, C., Turcotte, R., Yusuf, R., Côté, D. C., Vinogradov, S. A., Scadden, D. T., and Lin, C. P., Direct measurement of local oxygen concentration in the bone marrow of live animals., Nature, vol. 508, no. 7495, pp. 269-73, 2014.
S. Petryszyn, Beaulieu, J. - M., Parent, A., and Parent, M., Distribution and morphological characteristics of striatal interneurons expressing calretinin in mice: a comparison with human and nonhuman primates., J Chem Neuroanat, vol. 59-60, pp. 51-61, 2014.
S. Chamberland, Evstratova, A., and Tóth, K., Interplay between synchronization of multivesicular release and recruitment of additional release sites support short-term facilitation at hippocampal mossy fiber to CA3 pyramidal cells synapses., J Neurosci, vol. 34, no. 33, pp. 11032-47, 2014.

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