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L. Thibon, Lorenzo, L. E., Piché, M., and De Koninck, Y., Resolution enhancement in confocal microscopy using Bessel-Gauss beams., Opt Express, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 2162-2177, 2017.
S. Echeverry, Shi, X. Qun, Yang, M., Huang, H., Wu, Y. C., Lorenzo, L. - E., Perez-Sanchez, J., Bonin, R. P., De Koninck, Y., and Zhang, J., Spinal microglia are required for long-term maintenance of neuropathic pain., Pain, vol. 158, no. 9, pp. 1792-1801, 2017.
D. Gagnon, Petryszyn, S., Sanchez, M. G., Bories, C., Beaulieu, J. M., De Koninck, Y., Parent, A., and Parent, M., Striatal Neurons Expressing D and D Receptors are Morphologically Distinct and Differently Affected by Dopamine Denervation in Mice., Sci Rep, vol. 7, p. 41432, 2017.
C. Bories, Arsenault, D., Lemire, M., Tremblay, C., De Koninck, Y., and Calon, F., Transgenic autoinhibition of p21-activated kinase exacerbates synaptic impairments and fronto-dependent behavioral deficits in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease., Aging (Albany NY), vol. 9, no. 5, pp. 1386-1403, 2017.
G. Gagnon-Turcotte, LeChasseur, Y., Bories, C., Messaddeq, Y., De Koninck, Y., and Gosselin, B., A Wireless Headstage for Combined Optogenetics and Multichannel Electrophysiological Recording., IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 1-14, 2017.
J. Perez-Sanchez, Lorenzo, L. - E., Lecker, I., Zurek, A. A., Labrakakis, C., Bridgwater, E. M., Orser, B. A., De Koninck, Y., and Bonin, R. P., α5GABA Receptors Mediate Tonic Inhibition in the Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn and Contribute to the Resolution Of Hyperalgesia., J Neurosci Res, vol. 95, no. 6, pp. 1307-1318, 2017.
N. Doyon, Vinay, L., Prescott, S. A., and De Koninck, Y., Chloride Regulation: A Dynamic Equilibrium Crucial for Synaptic Inhibition., Neuron, vol. 89, no. 6, pp. 1157-1172, 2016.
C. Zussy, Loustalot, F., Junyent, F., Gardoni, F., Bories, C., Valero, J., Desarménien, M. G., Bernex, F., Henaff, D., Bayo-Puxan, N., Chen, J. - W., Lonjon, N., De Koninck, Y., Malva, J. O., Bergelson, J. M., di Luca, M., Schiavo, G., Salinas, S., and Kremer, E. J., Coxsackievirus Adenovirus Receptor Loss Impairs Adult Neurogenesis, Synapse Content, and Hippocampus Plasticity., J Neurosci, vol. 36, no. 37, pp. 9558-71, 2016.
Y. Yao, Echeverry, S., Shi, X. Qun, Yang, M., Yang, Q. Zi, Wang, G. Yun France, Chambon, J., Wu, Y. Chen, Fu, K. Yuan, De Koninck, Y., and Zhang, J., Dynamics of spinal microglia repopulation following an acute depletion., Sci Rep, vol. 6, p. 22839, 2016.
G. G. Gross, Straub, C., Perez-Sanchez, J., Dempsey, W. P., Junge, J. A., Roberts, R. W., Trinh, L. A., Fraser, S. E., De Koninck, Y., De Koninck, P., Sabatini, B. L., and Arnold, D. B., An E3-ligase-based method for ablating inhibitory synapses., Nat Methods, vol. 13, no. 8, pp. 673-8, 2016.
L. S. Miraucourt, Tsui, J., Gobert, D., Desjardins, J. - F., Schohl, A., Sild, M., Spratt, P., Castonguay, A., De Koninck, Y., Marsh-Armstrong, N., Wiseman, P. W., and Ruthazer, E. S., Endocannabinoid signaling enhances visual responses through modulation of intracellular chloride levels in retinal ganglion cells., Elife, vol. 5, 2016.
R. P. Bonin, Wang, F., Desrochers-Couture, M., Secka, A. Ga, Boulanger, M. - E., Côté, D. C., and De Koninck, Y., Epidural optogenetics for controlled analgesia., Mol Pain, vol. 12, 2016.
L. Binan, Mazzaferri, J., Choquet, K., Lorenzo, L. - E., Wang, Y. Chang, Affar, E. Bachir, De Koninck, Y., Ragoussis, J., Kleinman, C. L., and Costantino, S., Live single-cell laser tag., Nat Commun, vol. 7, p. 11636, 2016.
A. M. W. Taylor, Castonguay, A., Ghogha, A., Vayssiere, P., Pradhan, A. A. A., Xue, L., Mehrabani, S., Wu, J., Levitt, P., Olmstead, M. C., De Koninck, Y., Evans, C. J., and Cahill, C. M., Neuroimmune Regulation of GABAergic Neurons Within the Ventral Tegmental Area During Withdrawal from Chronic Morphine., Neuropsychopharmacology, vol. 41, no. 4, pp. 949-59, 2016.
F. Wang, Bélanger, E., Paquet, M. - E., Côté, D. C., and De Koninck, Y., Probing pain pathways with light., Neuroscience, vol. 338, pp. 248-271, 2016.
M. H. Magdesian, G Lopez-Ayon, M., Mori, M., Boudreau, D., Goulet-Hanssens, A., Sanz, R., Miyahara, Y., Barrett, C. J., Fournier, A. E., De Koninck, Y., and Grütter, P., Rapid Mechanically Controlled Rewiring of Neuronal Circuits., J Neurosci, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 979-87, 2016.
A. S. Tora, Rovira, X., Dione, I., Bertrand, H. - O., Brabet, I., De Koninck, Y., Doyon, N., Pin, J. - P., Acher, F., and Goudet, C., Allosteric modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptors by chloride ions., FASEB J, vol. 29, no. 10, pp. 4174-88, 2015.
A. Ford, Castonguay, A., Cottet, M., Little, J. W., Chen, Z., Symons-Liguori, A. M., Doyle, T., Egan, T. M., Vanderah, T. W., De Koninck, Y., Tosh, D. K., Jacobson, K. A., and Salvemini, D., Engagement of the GABA to KCC2 signaling pathway contributes to the analgesic effects of A3AR agonists in neuropathic pain., J Neurosci, vol. 35, no. 15, pp. 6057-67, 2015.
E. Bélanger, Turcotte, R., Daradich, A., Sadetsky, G., Gravel, P., Bachand, K., De Koninck, Y., and Côté, D. C., Maintaining polarization in polarimetric multiphoton microscopy., J Biophotonics, vol. 8, no. 11-12, pp. 884-8, 2015.
A. M. W. Taylor, Castonguay, A., Taylor, A. J., Murphy, N. P., Ghogha, A., Cook, C., Xue, L., Olmstead, M. C., De Koninck, Y., Evans, C. J., and Cahill, C. M., Microglia disrupt mesolimbic reward circuitry in chronic pain., J Neurosci, vol. 35, no. 22, pp. 8442-50, 2015.
N. Doyon, Prescott, S. A., and De Koninck, Y., Mild KCC2 Hypofunction Causes Inconspicuous Chloride Dysregulation that Degrades Neural Coding., Front Cell Neurosci, vol. 9, p. 516, 2015.
S. Dufour and De Koninck, Y., Optrodes for combined optogenetics and electrophysiology in live animals., Neurophotonics, vol. 2, no. 3, p. 031205, 2015.
R. P. Bonin and De Koninck, Y., Reconsolidation and the regulation of plasticity: moving beyond memory., Trends Neurosci, vol. 38, no. 6, pp. 336-44, 2015.
A. G. Godin, Rappaz, B., Potvin-Trottier, L., Kennedy, T. E., De Koninck, Y., and Wiseman, P. W., Spatial Intensity Distribution Analysis Reveals Abnormal Oligomerization of Proteins in Single Cells., Biophys J, vol. 109, no. 4, pp. 710-21, 2015.
A. Khoutorsky, Bonin, R. P., Sorge, R. E., Gkogkas, C. G., Pawlowski, S. Anne, Jafarnejad, S. Mehdi, Pitcher, M. H., Alain, T., Perez-Sanchez, J., Salter, E. W., Martin, L., Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., De Koninck, Y., Cervero, F., Mogil, J. S., and Sonenberg, N., Translational control of nociception via 4E-binding protein 1., Elife, vol. 4, 2015.

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