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C. Menard, Quirion, R., Vigneault, E., Bouchard, S., Ferland, G., Mestikawy, S. El, and Gaudreau, P., Glutamate presynaptic vesicular transporter and postsynaptic receptor levels correlate with spatial memory status in aging rat models., Neurobiol Aging, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 1471-82, 2015.
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S. Bastianetto, Menard, C., and Quirion, R., Neuroprotective action of resveratrol., Biochim Biophys Acta, vol. 1852, no. 6, pp. 1195-201, 2015.
G. E. Hodes, Pfau, M. L., Purushothaman, I., H Ahn, F., Golden, S. A., Christoffel, D. J., Magida, J., Brancato, A., Takahashi, A., Flanigan, M. E., Menard, C., Aleyasin, H., Koo, J. Wook, Lorsch, Z. S., Feng, J., Heshmati, M., Wang, M., Turecki, G., Neve, R., Zhang, B., Shen, L., Nestler, E. J., and Russo, S. J., Sex Differences in Nucleus Accumbens Transcriptome Profiles Associated with Susceptibility versus Resilience to Subchronic Variable Stress., J Neurosci, vol. 35, no. 50, pp. 16362-76, 2015.
C. Menard, Gaudreau, P., and Quirion, R., Signaling pathways relevant to cognition-enhancing drug targets., Handb Exp Pharmacol, vol. 228, pp. 59-98, 2015.

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