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C. M. Smart, Karr, J. E., Areshenkoff, C. N., Rabin, L. A., Hudon, C., Gates, N., Ali, J. I., Arenaza-Urquijo, E. M., Buckley, R. F., Chetelat, G., Hampel, H., Jessen, F., Marchant, N. L., Sikkes, S. A. M., Tales, A., van der Flier, W. M., and Wesselman, L., Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Older Adults with Subjective Cognitive Decline: Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Preliminary Recommendations., Neuropsychol Rev, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 245-257, 2017.
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N. Teasdale, Simoneau, M., Hudon, L., Moszkowicz, T., Laurendeau, D., Robitaille, M. Germain, Bherer, L., Duchesne, S., and Hudon, C., Drivers with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Can Benefit from a Multiple-Session Driving Simulator Automated Training Program., J Am Geriatr Soc, vol. 64, no. 9, pp. e16-8, 2016.
F. Escudier, Léveillé, E., Charbonneau, S., Cole, J., Hudon, C., Bédirian, V., and Scherzer, P., Evaluating Decision-Making: Validation and Regression-Based Normative Data of the Judgment Assessment Tool., Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016.
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A. St-Hilaire, Hudon, C., Vallet, G. T., Bherer, L., Lussier, M., Gagnon, J. - F., Simard, M., Gosselin, N., Escudier, F., Rouleau, I., and Macoir, J., Normative data for phonemic and semantic verbal fluency test in the adult French-Quebec population and validation study in Alzheimer's disease and depression., Clin Neuropsychol, vol. 30, no. 7, pp. 1126-50, 2016.
E. Larouche, Tremblay, M. - P., Potvin, O., Laforest, S., Bergeron, D., Laforce, R., Monetta, L., Boucher, L., Tremblay, P., Belleville, S., Lorrain, D., Gagnon, J. - F., Gosselin, N., Castellano, C. - A., Cunnane, S. C., Macoir, J., and Hudon, C., Normative Data for the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Middle-Aged and Elderly Quebec-French People., Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016.
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M. - P. Tremblay, Potvin, O., Belleville, S., Bier, N., Gagnon, L., Blanchet, S., Domingues, N. - S., Gaudreau, G., Macoir, J., and Hudon, C., The Victoria Stroop Test: Normative Data in Quebec-French Adults and Elderly., Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016.
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Y. C. Chagnon, Potvin, O., Hudon, C., and Préville, M., DNA methylation and single nucleotide variants in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and oxytocin receptor (OXTR) genes are associated with anxiety/depression in older women., Front Genet, vol. 6, p. 230, 2015.
N. Bier, Grenier, S., Brodeur, C., Gauthier, S., Gilbert, B., Hudon, C., Lepage, É., Ouellet, M. - C., Viscogliosi, C., and Belleville, S., Measuring the impact of cognitive and psychosocial interventions in persons with mild cognitive impairment with a randomized single-blind controlled trial: rationale and design of the MEMO+ study., Int Psychogeriatr, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 511-25, 2015.
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M. - P. Tremblay, Potvin, O., Callahan, B. L., Belleville, S., Gagnon, J. - F., Caza, N., Ferland, G., Hudon, C., and Macoir, J., Normative data for the Rey-Osterrieth and the Taylor complex figure tests in Quebec-French people., Arch Clin Neuropsychol, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 78-87, 2015.
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C. Hudon, Bujold, A. Anne, Potvin, O., Préville, M., Voyer, P., Landreville, P., and Grenier, S., [Association between anxiety and cognitive decline in community-dwelling elderly]., Can J Aging, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 296-306, 2014.
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A. - M. Adam, Potvin, O., Callahan, B. L., Bastien, C. H., Lorrain, D., Desjardins, S., Forget, H., Préville, M., and Hudon, C., Subjective sleep quality in non-demented older adults with and without cognitive impairment., Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, vol. 29, no. 9, pp. 970-7, 2014.
F. Morneau-Sévigny, Pouliot, J., Presseau, S., Ratté, M. - H., Tremblay, M. - P., Macoir, J., and Hudon, C., [Validation of emotional stress stimuli in 50-to-80-year-old French-Quebecers]., Can J Aging, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 111-22, 2014.

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