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T. Pan Wong, Marchese, G., Casu, M. Antonietta, Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., A Cuello, C., and De Koninck, Y., Imbalance towards inhibition as a substrate of aging-associated cognitive impairment., Neurosci Lett, vol. 397, no. 1-2, pp. 64-8, 2006.
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S. A. Prescott, Sejnowski, T. J., and De Koninck, Y., Reduction of anion reversal potential subverts the inhibitory control of firing rate in spinal lamina I neurons: towards a biophysical basis for neuropathic pain., Mol Pain, vol. 2, p. 32, 2006.
J. Zhang and De Koninck, Y., Spatial and temporal relationship between monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression and spinal glial activation following peripheral nerve injury., J Neurochem, vol. 97, no. 3, pp. 772-83, 2006.
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J. A. M. Coull, Beggs, S., Boudreau, D., Boivin, D., Tsuda, M., Inoue, K., Gravel, C., Salter, M. W., and De Koninck, Y., BDNF from microglia causes the shift in neuronal anion gradient underlying neuropathic pain., Nature, vol. 438, no. 7070, pp. 1017-21, 2005.
C. Thibaud, Koubassov, V., De Koninck, P., Chin, S. L., and De Koninck, Y., Destruction of polymer growth substrates for cell cultures in two-photon microscopy., J Microsc, vol. 220, no. Pt 2, pp. 120-7, 2005.
M. Cordero-Erausquin, Coull, J. A. M., Boudreau, D., Rolland, M., and De Koninck, Y., Differential maturation of GABA action and anion reversal potential in spinal lamina I neurons: impact of chloride extrusion capacity., J Neurosci, vol. 25, no. 42, pp. 9613-23, 2005.
S. A. Prescott and De Koninck, Y., Integration time in a subset of spinal lamina I neurons is lengthened by sodium and calcium currents acting synergistically to prolong subthreshold depolarization., J Neurosci, vol. 25, no. 19, pp. 4743-54, 2005.
X. Hong Yu, Ribeiro-da-Silva, A., Da Silva, A. Ribeiro, and De Koninck, Y., Morphology and neurokinin 1 receptor expression of spinothalamic lamina I neurons in the rat spinal cord., J Comp Neurol, vol. 491, no. 1, pp. 56-68, 2005.
T. J. Price, Cervero, F., and De Koninck, Y., Role of cation-chloride-cotransporters (CCC) in pain and hyperalgesia., Curr Top Med Chem, vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 547-55, 2005.

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